Practice makes perfect

Cobiolube® Drive is an excellent example of Jarmat’s product development and service that is based on individual customer needs. Cobiolube® Drive has been developed for driver training in slippery conditions which take place on a closed training track. The extremely slippery Cobiolube® Drive provides perfect simulation of real, challenging driving conditions.

Cobiolube® Drive is a cost-effective and environmentally sound way to create conditions that enable training for improved vehicle control and safety in traffic. Being completely oil-free, Cobiolube® Drive does not require any collection or handling system from the training track. It can freely run into rainwater gully or even be absorbed by the soil.

Unlike comparable oil-based products Cobiolube® Drive dissipates naturally. Furthermore, it does not weaken the rubber. The rubber is actually refreshed in a similar manner to windshield wipers after being treated with conditioner. With innovation and dedication Jarmat has confirmed its commitment to the environment and the society.


• Pour point: -42°C

• Biodegradability: 100%


› Package sizes 10 ltr, 200 ltr and 1000 ltr IBC

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