Marking inks for harvesters

The highly advanced Cobiolube® Colour HQ marking inks are cost-effective and unique even on a global scale. For both the user and the environment, they are completely safe. Cobiolube® Colour HQ marking inks are suitable for all harvesters and working conditions, attaching only to the surface of the wood. This helps ensure minimal waste.


Bright and intense colours

Cobiolube Colour HQ ® stays visible on wood surface for over a year. The ink only attaches to the surface of the wood and does not permeate at all. This ensures minimal waste of raw material for sawmills and pulp mills. The color options include all colours except white. Although the ink does not dissolve into water after applying on to the wood surface, any ink on skin or the harvester’s surfaces can be washed off easily with just water.


Superior features

› Work with all harvesters and working conditions
› Ink stays visible for over a year after marking
› Bright and intense colors
› Wide operational temperature range
› Private labels available
› Package sizes 10 ltr, 200 ltr and 1000 ltr IBC

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