Moving wood

Cobiolube® Sawmill is a lubricant that has been developed especially for conveyors that operate outdoors. Paying close attention to both the special needs of timber industry’s wood transporting equipment and exceptionally challenging Finnish weather conditions, Cobiolube® Sawmill helps ensure the smooth and uninterrupted advance of the entire wood processing process. This improves productivity and helps maintain schedules, leading to better customer satisfaction and operating profit.


• Viscosity (40°C): ~110 cSt    (ASTM D445)

• Pour point: -42°C

• Biodegradability: 100%


› Package sizes 10 ltr, 200 ltr and 1000 ltr IBC

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The oil-free lubricant with Ecolabel recognition

Cobiolube Sawmill® has been awarded with European Union’s Ecolabel emblem. This emblem is given only to products that are able to lighten the environmental footprint throughout their lifecycle – from raw materials all the way to manufacturing, usage and disposal. The high quality is ensured with independent tests, where the candidate products have to be able to meet the performance level of the respective market leader.