Cobiolube® Metal Fog synthetic MQF lubricant


A safer option for the environment and the user.

The small amount of vapor that may be generated when using the product does not irritate the respiratory tract

Based on current research, the ingredients in the product are within safe limits for both users and the environment, making the product unlabelled.

The fluid has good machining accuracy due to its excellent thermal conductivity and lubricity.

The product is suitable for e.g. processing titanium, hardox, stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, yellow metals, aluminum and plastics. If necessary, lubricant residues can be completely rinsed off with plain water.

Cobiolube® Metal Fog -spray lubricant also has a cleansing effect.

The product has been developed and manufactured in Finland.

Compatible sealing materials are PTFE, ETFE, FFKM, CR and PVDF



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