Cobiolube® Metal 64

A safer option for the environment and the user.

The slight amount of vapor that may result from the use of this product will not irritate the respiratory tract.

On the basis of current research, the components contained in this product are in safe concentrations for both the user and the environment, whereby the product is label-free.

The machining fluid does not contain any mineral or vegetable oils.

Liquid has good machining accuracy due to its excellent heat conductivity and lubricity.
The product is suitable for machining of stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron and aluminum.

Lubricant residues can be completely rinsed off with water alone, if necessary.

Cobiolube® Metal 64 -also has a cleansing effect. The product has been developed and manufactured in Finland.




Technical information

› Color: Clear liquid
› Density 23 ° C g / cm³: 1.195
› PH (5%): 9.6
› Refractometric reading (5%): 4.0

Recommended contents

› Machining, milling: 5% and over
› Deep drilling: 5% and over
› Sawing: 5% and over


› No need for warm space

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