Jarmat Oy designs and develops innovative products that care for people and the environment. Our products combine leading solutions with minimal impact to the environment, creating new opportunities for success.

Our vision is to become a globally recognized expert of environmentally friendly lubricants, marking inks and heat-transfer agents. We want our customers to experience Jarmat as a value-added business partner that can find ideal solutions to their needs, in an active and uncompromising manner.


At the source of sustainable development

The story of Jarmat Oy began in the early 1990s, in the middle of a clean, undisturbed nature in Finland. Matti Kyllönen was in the lubricant business with local harvester operators and noticed how tightening environmental requirements and continuous increase in oil price brought additional challenges to the quality of products. The machines had to work faster and more reliably, in tougher conditions and bigger job sites, yet with a lighter environmental footprint.

Already back then Kyllönen was known to be an inexhaustible source of new ideas. So mainly to impress both his customers and Mother Nature, he came up with a far-reaching vision: “when only the genuinely natural ingredients are used, everybody can win”. These revolutionary thoughts have led to the establishment of a passionate harvester group willing to test our products in the real work environment. The non-freezing and completely biodegradable log marking inks were developed first from forest and food industry’s raw materials. Their basic components were further utilized as Kyllönen started to develop a completely oil-free lubricant to be used for example in harvester chains.

With imagination and innovative thinking, along with the support of the Finnish funding agency for innovation TEKES, a novel product Cobiolube® Chain was created. It is a completely oil-free lubricant that meets and exceeds the performance levels of other leading oil-based products. Despite our humble beginnings, we believe in challenging the major global stake holders in the industry with our innovative products. With passion for the Finnish nature and by harnessing the work ethos of Finnish culture, Matti Kyllönen believes that economy is truly a subset of the environment.