5.12.2019 | IS-Vet Oy recently replaced their oil-based metalworking fluids with Cobiolube® Metal 64 and Metal Fog

IS-Vet Oy recently replaced oil-based metalworking fluids with Cobiolube® Metal 64. Circular- and bandsaw blades have now lasted 40-50% longer…

30.4.2019 | Cobiolube® Metal 64 metalworking fluid and Cobiolube® Metal Fog micro mist lubricant are safer for the users and the environment

Two new products were introduced to the Cobiolube® -product family: Cobiolube® Metal 64 for metalworking and Cobiolube® Metal Fog for micro…

11.1.2019 | News articles about Cobiolube® -products

Two articles about Cobiolube® -products were published. You can read the articles by clicking HERE (Bioeconomy.fi) and HERE (Sitra.fi)

5.9.2018 | Komatsu Forest: “Cobiolube® Chain has lubricated the chains with excellent results”

Harvester manufacturing company Komatsu Forest has tested and used Cobiolube® Chain with excellent results. “We have established the following advantages…

1.9.2018 | We cooperate with Oy Lunawood Ltd.

Oy Lunawood Ltd. has tested and used our Cobiolube products since 2016. Cooperation has been successful, and we have perfected our…


21.8.2018 | Savon Voima Oyj: “Cobiolube® is clearly the better option”

We have used Cobiolube in a disc sieve and in a screw conveyor for two years at our plant. The…


6.2.2018 | Our Cobiolube® products are 100% biodegradable

Our Cobiolube® -products were tested at the University of Oulu for biodegradability. The results of the test can be viewed HERE


11.5.2016 | Engineering Services (Rotorua) appointed as official distributor for New Zealand.

Welcome to Engineering Services (Rotorua) our new partner from New Zealand. Engineering Services (Rotorua) Ltd, is a professional high-tech engineering…