1.9.2018 | We cooperate with Oy Lunawood Ltd.

Oy Lunawood Ltd. has tested and used our Cobiolube products since 2016. Cooperation has been successful, and we have perfected our products to meet the requirements of the sawmill industry even better.

Lunawood is an international leader in the thermowood industry, so the lubricants and grinding fluids must be high quality to ensure smooth and uninterrupted production. Lunawood is currently using our grinding fluid and Cobiolube Sawmill in Iisalmi. In Kaskinen, they are also using Cobiolube Sawmill and Cobiolube Chain to lubricate handheld chainsaws.

According to user testimonials, by using Cobiolube Sawmill, a lesser amount of lubricant achieves the same level of lubrication as traditional oil-based lubricants. In addition, the users have also valued the product because of its technical quality, environmental friendliness and safety to users.

Lunawood is an excellent partner because we share the same values. We want to further sustainable development in manufacturing and we aim to protect the environment and the users.