The new dimension of lubricating efficiency

The unique Cobiolube® Chain chain lubricant makes operating a harvester exceptionally economical, convenient and safe. The entire chain system can be lubricated by Cobiolube® Chain easily helping to extend the lifetime of guide bar, nose bearing and chain. This significantly improves the utilization rate of the machinery while reducing both maintenance need and lubricant consumption at the same time.

Reliability and savings


• Viscosity (40°C): 210-225 cSt    (ASTM D445)

• Pour point: -42°C

• Biodegradability: 100%



› Stays on the chain, thus efficiently lubricating the nose bearing as well
› Rinses the resin, thus helping to keep the chain clean
› Increases significantly the lifetime of guide bar and chain
› Excellent resistance against pressure and wear
› Reduces lubricant consumption significantly
› Package sizes 10 ltr, 200 ltr and 1000 ltr IBC

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The oil-free lubricant with Ecolabel recognition

Cobiolube® Chain has been awarded with European Union’s Ecolabel emblem. This emblem is given only to products that are able to lighten the environmental footprint throughout their lifecycle – from raw materials all the way to manufacturing, usage and disposal. The high quality is ensured with independent tests, where the candidate products have to be able to meet the performance level of the respective market leader.

User testimonials

“With Cobiolube® Chain the guide bar wear has reduced by half compared to using traditional mineral oil. The guide bar that is currently in use has already sawed 1000 cubic meters of wood. Also the nose bearing lasts clearly longer than it did with old oil types.”

Ari Siltala
Konetyö Siltala Ky

“I have witnessed no harm caused to any materials, surfaces or parts.”

Timo Nurmiranta
Metsäkuljetus Venäläinen Ky / Timo Nurmiranta

“Compared to mineral oil there is huge difference in contamination. The machine is now easier to clean unlike rapeseed oil based products, Cobiolube® Chain does not glue sawdust on the machine surfaces.”

Sami Kohvakka
T:mi Sami Kohvakka, Puunkorjuu ja metsäkoneurakointi