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5.12.2019 | IS-Vet Oy recently replaced their oil-based metalworking fluids with Cobiolube® Metal 64 and Metal Fog
IS-Vet Oy recently replaced oil-based metalworking fluids with Cobiolube® Metal 64. Circular- and bandsaw blades have now lasted 40-50% longer while maintaining a good cutting edge. The lubricating properties are clearly excellent. We have also tested Cobiolube Metal Fog -micro mist lubricant with great results. We have been using it for threading, drilling and sinking. We greatly value the user safety and the ecology of the products.   Mikko Leskinen Head of Prod

30.4.2019 | Cobiolube® Metal 64 metalworking fluid and Cobiolube® Metal Fog micro mist lubricant are safer for the users and the environment
Two new products were introduced to the Cobiolube® -product family: Cobiolube® Metal 64 for metalworking and Cobiolube® Metal Fog for micro mist lubrication. Ask for an offer:


Sawmill Cobiolube

Luonnollinen valinta

Cobiolube® Sawmill is a lubricant that has been developed specifically for conveyors that operate outdoors, helping ensure the smooth and uninterrupted progress of the entire wood processing process.


Cobiolube Agri Chain

Erinomainen korroosion kesto

The unique Cobiolube® Agri Chain lubricant makes operating agricultural machinery efficient with outstanding performance, reduced maintenance needs and increased lifetime of the equipment. The Cobiolube Agri Chain helps you get more of your agricultural equipment with focus on environmental friendliness and cost-effectivity.


Color Cobio

Ensimmäisenä maailmassa

The highly advanced Cobiolube Color® marking inks are cost-effective and unique even on a global scale. Cobiolube Color® marking inks are both environmentally and user friendly. Cobiolube Color® marking inks are suitable for all harvesters and working conditions because they only attach to the surface of the wood. The color fades in 2–4 weeks, helping ensure minimal waste.


Drive Cobiolube

Äärimmäisen liukas

Cobiolube® Drive is an excellent example of Jarmat's product development and service that is based on individual customer needs. Cobiolube® Drive has been developed for driver training in slippery conditions which take place on closed training tracks. The extremely slippery Cobiolube® Drive provides perfect simulation of real, challenging driving conditions.


Chain Cobiolube

Talvi- ja kesäkäyttöön

The unique Cobiolube Chain® chain lubricant makes operating a harvester exceptionally economical, convenient and safe. The entire chain system can be lubricated by Cobiolube Chain® easily helping to extend the lifetime of flange, idler and chain.

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