Our product selection is based on environmentally friendly Cobiolube® platform, which we have designed ourselves. Utilizing only natural raw materials, Cobiolube® provides a solid foundation for liquids that can be used for a wide variety of purposes – from lubricants all the way to heat-transfer agents that are used in power plants. The end result is always a first-class solution that can meet even the most individual needs of a very specific purpose.

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Our R&D department continuously innovates to ensure our commitment to high quality products. We base our work on superior performance and unwavering dedication to the environment. Together with our partners, we develop innovative and competitive solutions.

Matti Kyllönen
CEO & Owner

On the terms of the environment

Our Cobiolube® products are based on natural raw materials that are respectful towards the environment. We design and manufacture out of natural raw materials environmentally friendly, high-quality marking inks, lubricants and heat-transfer agents. By varying the composition of the lubricant, the operational range can be customized to meet our customers’ needs. Our R&D department constantly works in an active and systematic manner to discover new solutions for an ever demanding industry.

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