21.8.2018 | Savon Voima Oyj: “Cobiolube® is clearly the better option”

We have used Cobiolube in a disc sieve and in a screw conveyor for two years at our plant. The challenges in lubricating these machines are high revolutions per minute and extreme surface pressure. Cobiolube has performed well lubricating the chains. Savon Voima also started using Cobiolube as a substitute for glycol in a sprinkler system.

Savon Voima Oyj aims to primarily use environmentally friendly products. Cobiolube® -products are 100% biodegradable and pose no environmental risks, unlike regular oil-based lubricants. Cleaning the machines can be done with just water, which is a huge benefit. The lubricant doesn’t make a mess like the oil that was previously used, which even permeated into concrete. Cobiolube® is clearly the better option.

We are satisfied with our cooperation. We got the products with the qualities we hoped for.


Juha Pulkka

Plant operator

Savon Voima Oyj, Parkatti

Iisalmi 20.6.2018